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A unique multiplayer experience, fight against your friends over the smallest of items. A wooden log. Choose from four classes and carry the log to your teams capture point without being killed.

Reclaimed is a multiplayer sandbox capture the flag game, using a wooden log instead of a flag.

The aim of the game is to carry the log back to your teams capture point and hold it for 10 seconds. Whichever team has the highest score at the end of 10 minutes is the winner. The game currently runs on Windows and is in beta. Features include fast paced combat, building and randomly generated worlds.

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The aim of the game is to move the log from the center of the map, to your teams capture point. The game is in beta and costs $2.30 and works currently on Windows.

- Mould your landscape! Build traps and defenses!
- Games start with one minute to prepare you and your team.
- A game lasts 10 minutes and starts with a randomly generated world.
- The game has an original soundtrack with music for combat, menu, victory day and night.
- The game can be played locally or over the internet.

There are currently four classes, Tank, Medic, Rogue and Builder.

A list of the abilities per class:

  • Builder - Medium walk Pace, can build and remove blocks including wooden blocks, stone blocks and holes. - Builders can capture the log
  • Rogue - Fast walk Pace, quiet footsteps, can attack quickly but for smaller amounts of damage. - Rogues can capture the log
  • Medic - Medium walk pace, can heal players. - Medics can heal and capture the log, but not attack.
  • Tank - Slow walk pace, can attack for large amounts of damage but slowly - Tanks can capture the log

Most Recent Changelog

Corpses, Rivers and Rain update

  • Added rain
  • Added rivers
  • Added basic swimming animation
  • Added basic corpse animation
  • Added controls screen when joining the game - move your character to exit it
  • Added particle system
  • Added spiketraps, can be activated once and kills player immediately.
  • Fixed camera starting at 32,32
  • Changed builder camera so it's easier to place blocks
  • Changed wall fall time to 60 second

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