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LD38 - It's a small world.

The game envisioned was a RTS (I know a bit too ambitious for Ludum). In the end I had to scrap pathfinding and go with air based combat instead. The targeting is a bit wonky too.


  • Scroll to zoom
  • WASD / Arrow Keys to move
  • Left click to place buildings
  • Left click on an airbase to build scouts
  • Right click on an airbase to build bombers

Instructions --

  • You start with placing your HQ on a red island of your choosing.
  • The fog of war sets in and you can still only build on the red islands.
  • You can switch which building to place with 1,2,3
    - 1: Missle Launcher (unfinished but you have to place all of them anyway).
    - 2. Artillery
    - 3. Airbase (When clicked, it spawns new aircraft)
  • After building all of your buildings on varying islands, you need to build some scouts. Do this by clicking the airbase (the road thingy).
  • Build 5 of this and combat will begin.
  • Find the HQ of the enemy with your aircraft.

Requires Java to run.

Published Apr 25, 2017

Install instructions

Requires java, download and run.


game.jar 7 MB

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